Website Design

A good website doesn’t just live on a computer screen. It lives on the smartphone in our pockets and the tablet in our bags. A good website merges seamlessly with the lifestyle of the user. A good website also has a social life. It’s tweeting, it’s checking in, it’s liking and it’s sharing, even when you’re sleeping. A good website is shopping, selling, marketing, analyzing and corresponding. A good website is actually the heart of your web presence – a living, breathing extension of your brand – that works 24/7, even after you’ve clocked out for the weekend.

From Good to Great

  • Discuss your business and marketing initiatives to discover your true goals
  • Develop a strategy to turn goals into quantifiable results
  • Develop a reporting timeline in order to gauge website performance as it relates to business strategies

How We Get There

  • Initial meeting to listen to what you like about your website and what could be performing better
  • Help you develop a strategy in line with your short, medium and long term goals in line with your budget
  • Develop an action plan and timeline for designing and implementing your new web and social media presence
  • Web design and social media strategy implementation
  • Website traffic reporting and analysis
  • Evaluation of successful web initiatives, with a focus of what is working, why it is working and how it can be improved

Doing It Right

  • Develop new website layouts and branding initiative
  • Implement new design
  • Monitor and report on website analytics to inform current and future brand initiative
  • Implement social media marketing to drive brand goals