Information Technology Consulting

It’s hard to care about your customers if you’ve never actually met them. That’s where we come in. Literally. We come into your office. We meet your people. We get to know the way you work. We customize solutions that are right for you and right for your business. And we always leave room for you to grow and harness the power of new and emerging technology solutions.

Our Process

  • Initial meeting to discuss your current problems and future needs
  • Audit your existing network and infrastructure
  • Compile audit results and make recommendations based on our findings. The goal is to stabilize your existing network to create a foundation for future improvement.
  • Work with organization leadership to develop a budget and source/price new hardware and software, if necessary
  • Develop an action plan and timeline to implement audit solutions in stages in order to minimize disruption and downtime for your employees
  • Implementation of action plan frequent status updates to organization leadership
  • Begin to implement longer term initiatives for your organizations
  • Transition to maintenance mode of your network and systems

What We Look For

  • Health of your existing desktops, laptops and servers
  • Status of your existing domain or workgroup security
  • Existing data security plans
  • General data backup strategy and disaster recovery plan
  • Data and voice bandwidth from your existing Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  • Appropriate remote access solutions (Terminal Services, VPN, etc.)
  • Appropriate phone system solutions (VoIP, POTS, etc.)

Key Components of a Successful Network

  • Appropriate desktop and server hardware for your organization
  • Appropriate data/voice bandwidth to accommodate existing needs and provide for future growth
  • Network security (physical security, corporate culture training, network penetration prevention, etc.)
  • Appropriate backup strategy. This should include both onsite backups for fast recovery and offsite backups for disaster recovery
  • Appropriate remote access to network data and resources for approved employees